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South West Childcare Services

Mission Statement:

'To work together to provide vulnerable young people in the South West with a secure base from which to live more happy, confident and stable lives'

South West Childcare is a small, local provider of residential care homes and 16+ services for young people with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties.

We can also tailor services to meet those with additional complex needs such as autism, mental health issues and learning difficulties. South West Childcare will provide safe, well planned and where necessary fast placement decisions for social workers and their young people. We will provide the service that we say we are going to provide and will define a creative and individualised placement with young people, where possible their families and their social workers. This will include tailoring independent education and clinical provision for them. We will define, monitor and measure placements from the beginning, all with a clear aim of creating positive outcomes and towards a safer and happier future for young people and their families.

Residential Childcare

'A safe place where I feel wanted, happy and more positive about the future'

To achieve positive placements, we use a restorative approach to our work with young people and use the Crisis Prevention Institute to frame our approach to positive behavioural support. We work with a range of psychological support services, including psychologists from Psychology Associates. This is with a view to further supporting our staff.