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About Us

South West Childcare Services has two Managing Directors, Josie Warne and Angela Glynn. Both have a Social Work qualification and together, they have vast experience in the Social Care field and in children's residential services. Both have worked at every level in the residential field, from front line care and support to Director level.

Guy Mammatt is the Operations Manager at South West Childcare Services. His experience makes him the ideal person for this role. He has worked in the social care field since 2004; as a residential care worker, a registered manager of children’s homes, an assistant regional manager and as a responsible individual of children’s homes. He has suitable qualifications for these roles. His experience in the residential field has been with several private providers, giving him diverse experience. Guy recently spent 7 years working as a Social Care Regulatory Inspector for Ofsted, inspecting the residential sector.

At South West Childcare Services:

'Our vision is to provide a local service to local young people and be completely individual in our response to their needs. We want the Local Authorities in the form of Commissioners and Social Workers to trust that their young people are looked after in the way they are told and would expect'.

Angela is the Responsible Individual (RI) for the Organisation and has operational oversight of South West Childcare Services. Josie is responsible for commissioning placements and ensuring that the young people, the Local Authorities and families where possible are clear and happy with the service that they are receiving.

In case of any safeguarding concerns, Angela is the Designated Safeguarding Children's Officer (DSCO) for South West Childcare Services and Guy is the Deputy DSCO.

Josie and Angela
Angela GlynnJosie Warne

Guy Mammatt
Guy Mammatt